Syslog Watcher 4 End-of-Life(EOL)

We’ve changed the status of Syslog Watcher 4 to End-of-Life(EOL). All users are encouraged to upgrade to Version 5.

EZ5 Systems is committed to providing the highest quality software to our customers. Syslog Watcher Version 4.0 was released more than 8 years ago. All technology products eventually reach the end of their useful life requiring a business decision to discontinue maintenance.

Our team have made many enhancements in the latest Syslog Watcher 5. This is a valuable and important upgrade to any systems using the older versions of Syslog Watcher. As such all versions of Syslog Watcher 4.x, will no longer be supported by EZ5 Systems.

This announcement will require an upgrade to the latest Version 5.x. Please contact our support team for any additional information required.