License Pricing

EventLog Inspector requires a license to work. Multi-PC Licence grants you a right to install and use EventLog Inspector on several computers and share the license key. The number of allowed installed copies is defined by the licence name.

License Purchase

EZ5 Systems is under contract with BlueSnap, Inc. to process orders and collect payments. After clicking a link below, you will be redirected to the secure BlueSnap server to proceed with your purchase. You will receive an email with licensing information immediately after your payment is processed.

All of the prices posted on our website are the US Dollar prices.

1-PC License

$49 per PC
SKU: 3198176

5-PC License

$30 per PC
SKU: 1766186

20-PC License

$15 per PC
SKU: 1766188

50-PC License

$10 per PC
SKU: 1935986

200-PC License

$5 per PC
SKU: 1950066