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Why Syslog Watcher?

The syslog protocol is a network logging standard supported by a wide range of network devices, appliances, and servers. Syslog Watcher consolidates event records from all over the network into a single central repository. System administrators use Syslog Watcher for monitoring, security audit, and maintaining the network.

High Performance

Syslog Watcher has a high efficient multi-threaded architecture optimized for better performance.

Fast Syslog Storage

Syslog storage is designed to work under heavy load and can process thousands of syslog messages per second.

Advanced Networking

Syslog Watcher supports IPv4/IPv6 interfaces, Syslog over UDP as well as Syslog over TCP for reliability.

Email Alerts

Syslog Watcher generates emails in response to incoming syslogs to alert an administrator about important events.

Export to Database

Syslog Watcher can export collected data to any (SQL, NoSQL, file-based) database via ODBC connectors.

Export to Files

Syslog Watcher supports exporting collected syslog messages to any text file types, e.g., CSV, XML, JSON, etc.

Vendor Pack

Syslog reference that contains the meaning and recommended actions for more than 14,000 syslog messages.

Comprehensive Filtering

Syslog Watcher uses unified filtering rules for all operations. It includes processing of the message body using RegExps.

Smart Parser

The intellectual syslog parser determines the source type and correctly handles deviations from the standard.

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