Syslog Watcher

Syslog Server Solution for Windows

  • Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019/2022
  • Windows 64-bit: 7/8/10/11
  • Virtual and cloud environment compatible
  • Collect, forward, analyze, export syslog messages
  • Flexible syslog parser, comprehensive filter rules
  • Generate alerts and syslog reports
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Collect System Logs from Anywhere

Syslog Watcher supports the most modern transports for syslog protocol, from the straightforward Syslog over UDP (RFC5426) and Syslog over TCP (RFC6587) implementations to the secure syslog transmission over an encrypted TLS channel (RFC5425).

Support for dynamic syslog originators allows Syslog Watcher to correctly collect messages that are passed through a syslog-proxy or redirected by a syslog forwarder.

Central Repository for System Event Records

A central repository for event records simplifies system log analysis and speeds up network troubleshooting. Syslog Watcher's built-in syslog storage is optimized for a large number of collected syslog messages indexed by time, importance, and origin.

A synchronized repository archive provides the additional redundancy required for the reliability of the syslog storage. The syslog archive automatically compresses syslog messages, allowing more data to be stored.

Analyze Syslog to Track Down Problems

A flexible filtering system with complex expressions allows you to use syslog viewers to find problems and determine their causes. Syslog viewers also support layout customization and colorization rules for better data visualization.

Advanced time interval controls, data pagination, and quick search are only some of the rich features of the syslog viewer.

Email alerts reacting to specific syslog messages allow the syslog server to notify you of important events on the network.

Millions of Syslog Messages per Day

Syslog Watcher's multi-threaded 64-bit architecture is optimized for high loads. Our syslog server is able to receive up to 100,000 syslog messages per second.

The network subsystem does not limit the number of listening interfaces or the number of simultaneously connected syslog clients.

The all-new syslog storage structure guarantees unlimited storage size, optimal file organization, and consistent performance.


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