Feature List

The table lists the major features of Syslog Watcher version 6.2.

Free Lite Professional Enterprise Ultimate
Network Subsystem
Unlimited number of IPv4/IPv6 network interfaces
Standard syslog over UDP (RFC5426)
Reliable syslog over TCP (RFC6587)
Secure and reliable syslog over TLS (RFC5425)
Maximum number of concurrently connected TCP/TLS clients 3 10 50 250 10 000
Maximum number of messages collected per hour 5 000 50 000 500 000 5 000 000 unlimited
Maximum message length is limited for extended security
Message Processing
Incoming filters to screen out unwanted messages
Support for proxied or forwarded syslog messages
Customizable message encoding for better non-ASCII support
Maximum number of syslog originators (syslog sources) 3 10 50 250 unlimited
Syslog parser uses regular expressions for data extraction
Option to set up different parsers for different originators
Syslog Storage
High-speed file-based syslog storage architecture
Virtually unlimited syslog storage size
Option to limit the maximum size of the storage (GB)
Option to set the message retention period (days)
Groups for better organizing large numbers of originators
Multiple files per day for consistent maximum performance
Syslog Storage Archive
Compressed storage archive for data backup
Daily synchronization of the archive with the storage
Incremental synchronization avoids storing redundant data
Syslog Forwarders
Unlimited number of forwarders of any type
Asynchronous forward avoids losses even during traffic spikes
Pause/resume feature to continue forwarding after error recovery
Forward to another syslog server via UDP/TCP/TLS
Forward to any database via ODBC interface
Forward to files with a highly customizable folder structure
Email Alerts
Unlimited number of email alert groups
Syslog Viewer
Unlimited number of syslog viewers
Easy-to-use set of controls for the time interval
Paging and time interval shifting to continue viewing
Quick search among the messages loaded into the grid
Extensive options to configure the viewer layout
Highlighting messages in the grid depending on filter rules
Powerful HTML/CSS template for message details view
Multiple storage files per day for a better storage overview
Message Filtration
Complex filter syntax allows an unlimited number of rules
Logical operations and parentheses for complex expressions
Text format of filter expressions is convenient to work with
Server Architecture
Multi-threaded 64-bit architecture optimized for high loads
Dynamic buffers to deal with peaks in incoming traffic
Automatic backups of the server configuration
Passwords in the configuration file are stored in encrypted form

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